SMSD uses the TEKS Resource System for an aligned curriculum to provide teachers with the resources needed to ensure instruction is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Teachers and administrators collaborate weekly to ensure that instruction and teaching strategies are aligned for all students’ academic success. District educators created the student assessments which are administered to help teachers identify growth and gaps in student learning so they can adjust instruction and provide individual assistance as needed.
Our Core Beliefs
Beliefs - An expression of fundamental values

We believe that …

Everyone can learn.
Morality and integrity are important.
Everyone is worthy of respect.
Applied knowledge creates opportunities.
Everyone has the responsibility to use resources efficiently.
Work ethic is a key to success.
Optimism fuels momentum.
Individuals have the potential to become leaders.
Fun is a positive component for life-long learning.
Creativity flourishes in a safe environment that promotes innovation and self-expression.
Trust is vital.
Understanding diversity strengthens a community.
Service to others promotes community and builds character.
Everyone deserves fair and equal access to education.
Each individual has a responsibility to themselves and to their local and global communities.
Positive reinforcement and encouragement nurture self-confidence.