Nuestro Dia / Our Day
Science/ Ciencias

Matter and Energy
--Properties of Objects

--Changes from Heat

Force, Motion and Energy
--Forms of Energy
--Patterns of Movement

Earth and Space
--Rocks, Soil and Water
--Objects in the Sky

Organisms and Environment
--Living and Nonliving
--Basic Needs
--Plant and Animal Characteristics
--Plant Life Cycles

Social StudiesEstudios Sociales

Fun at School/ Diversion en la Escuela
What do we do at school?

Where are You?/ Donde estas?
Can you name places inside our school?

Follow the Rules/ Sigue las reglas
What are the rules at school?

Responsibility/ Responsabilidad
What are some responsibilities at home and at school?

Time/ Tiempo
What words describe time?

What is History?/ Que es la historia?

Let's Review/ Demos un repaso...

Where do you Live?/ Donde vives?