These are some activities you can do with your child all year long:

 1.   Read to your child often and ask questions about the story. Also have 
       your child retell the story.

 2.   Work on writing and spelling their first and last name.

 3.   Work on recognizing the letters of the alphabet out of order. (upper 
       and lowercase)

 4. Work on identifying sounds of letters.

 5.   Work of producing sounds of letters.

 6.   Work on counting to at least 30.

 7.   Work on recognizing numbers 0 to 10 out of order.

 8.   Work on recognizing colors and shapes.

 9.   Work on counting objects to at least 10.

 10. Look for print they recognize in the environment such as road signs,
      store names and food labels.

 11.  Practice naming words that rhyme.

 12.  Practice naming words that begin with the same sound.